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  • Luciano Villani

    Luciano Villani

  • Dr James Wootton

    Dr James Wootton

    Wrangler of qubits. Drinker of tea. Father.

  • Geetika Kapoor

    Geetika Kapoor

  • Molly Frances

    Molly Frances

    Writer — sexuality, erotica, nonmonogamy. Owner of www.sexwithmolly.com Subscribe to my newsletter https://mcfrances.substack.com

  • Claudio Stamile

    Claudio Stamile

    Machine Learning Scientist | Double PhD | Software Engineer

  • Tony Roberts

    Tony Roberts

    Professional software developer living and working in London. Creator of the Excel add-ins PyXLL and Jinx.

  • Ashley de Leon Lopez

    Ashley de Leon Lopez

    Gen Z poet and writer studying sexual shamanism, cosplayer, EDM fanatica, bisexual, Americana, Mexicana, Priestess.

  • Ryan Harris

    Ryan Harris

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