Draw with Plotly, Embed Bootstrap CSS, Upload & Download files, Change Inputs after selection, Navbars, Spinners, and more…


Welcome to this hardcore Dash tutorial, following this article you will be able to produce and deploy a basic prototype (minimum viable product) for any kind of web application.

Build a String Matching App for all the Excel lovers (and haters)


Do you wanna match two sets of strings similar but not equal? Excel VLOOKUP won’t help you with that, but fear not, I got you covered! In this article, using Python and NLP, I will explain how to create and use your own string matching web application.


Create a Chatbot from scratch that remembers and reminds events with Python


In this article, using Telegram and Python, I will show how to build a friendly Bot with multiple functions that can chat with question-answering conversations (short-term information) and store user data to recall in the future (long-term information).

… Can you relate?

The World Before

Do you know the feeling when you run so fast that if you stop you would break all of your bones at once? That’s my world before COVID. Everybody just runs, all day, every day. And if you slow down, you would be left behind. Nobody can take time to help you, and you can’t risk being dragged down with someone you’re helping. You are on your own while racing with and against the rest.

Use BERT, Word Embedding, and Vector Similarity when you don’t have a labeled training set


Are you struggling to classify text data because you don’t have a labeled dataset? In this article, using BERT and Python, I will explain how to perform a sort of “unsupervised” text classification based on similarity.

Plot Machine Learning & Deep Learning Clustering with interactive Maps


In this article, using Data Science and Python, I will show how different Clustering algorithms can be applied to Geospatial data in order to solve a Retail Rationalization business case.

Preprocessing, Model Design, Evaluation, Explainability for Bag-of-Words, Word Embedding, Language models


In this article, using NLP and Python, I will explain 3 different strategies for text multiclass classification: the old-fashioned Bag-of-Words (with Tf-Idf ), the famous Word Embedding (with Word2Vec), and the cutting edge Language models (with BERT).

Language Detection, Text Cleaning, Measures of Length, Sentiment Analysis, Named-Entity Recognition, N-grams Frequency, Word Vectors, Topic Modeling


In this article, using NLP and Python, I will explain how to analyze text data and extract features for your machine learning model.

Computer Vision with your Webcam


In this article, I will show how to play with computer vision and have a lot of fun with a few lines of code.

Mauro Di Pietro

Italian, Data Scientist, Financial Analyst, Good Reader, Bad Writer

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